Academic Council


            Nurlybek Akynovich
Chairman of the Academic Council

The Academic Council of Shymkent University is an elected collegial body. The activities of the Academic Council of the University are based on the principles of transparency and collective discussion of issues within its competence. In its activities, the Academic Council is guided by the Legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Standard Rules of the Academic Council of a higher Educational institution, the Charter of Shymkent University and this regulation.

The Academic Council is headed by the rector of the University. The personal composition of the Academic Council is approved by the rector's order.

The competence of the Academic Council includes:

  • adoption of the Charter, consideration and approval of the internal regulations;
  • decision-making on all issues of the organization of the educational process;
  • consideration of annual and long-term development plans of Shymkent University;
  • consideration of issues related to the implementation of the strategic development Program of the University;
  • consideration of the main issues of economic and social development of the university;
  • summarizing the results of the University's activities over the past academic year;
  • approves curricula of all levels and forms of education;
  • reviews and recommends textbooks, manuals and educational and methodological developments for publication;
  • decides on the transfer of students from a paid department to an educational grant; decides on the appointment of a scholarship established by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan and personal scholarships;
  • presents for the assignment of academic titles of associate professor and professor; considers issues of presenting university staff and creative teams to state and government awards and honorary titles;
  • considers other issues of the university's activities that require a collegial decision.

Meetings of the Academic Council are held once a month in accordance with the approved work plan.

To organize the preparation of issues discussed at the Academic Council, monitor the implementation of decisions taken, summarize experience and develop proposals to improve the forms and methods of work of the council, an academic secretary is appointed from among its members by order of the rector.

The responsibility for the timely and high-quality preparation of materials for the meetings of the Academic Council and for the record keeping of the Academic Council rests with the Academic Secretary.

To prepare the issues included in the agenda of the meeting of the Academic Council of Shymkent University, it is necessary to submit them to the Academic Secretary of the Academic Council of the University no later than 3 days in advance:

  • presentation (in printed form and on electronic media);
  • draft resolution.

In case of non-compliance with the deadlines for the provision of necessary documents and materials, the Academic Secretary has the right to petition the Chairman of the Academic Council to remove this issue from the agenda.

Regulations on the Academic Council of Shymkent University                                  


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