Financial and Economic Department


Akerke Adilovna

Director of the Department,

Сhief    accountant                                                                     

Telephone:8 747 401 72 82

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The main functions of the Financial and Economic Department are:

  • organization of accounting and reporting at the university and in its departments on the basis of maximum centralization of accounting and computing work and the use of modern technical means and information technologies;
  • preparation of reliable accounting statements based on primary documents and submission of them to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan on time;
  • formation of accounting policy in accordance with accounting legislation, based on the structure and characteristics of the university's activities and the need to ensure its financial stability;
  • work on the preparation and adoption of a working chart of accounts, forms of primary accounting documents used for registration of business transactions for which standard forms are not provided;
  • compliance with financial and cash discipline, legality of write-off from accounting accounts of shortages, receivables and other losses, safety of accounting documents;
  • execution of the plan of financial and economic activities of the university in the context of articles of economic classification;
  • preparation of annual, quarterly accounting statements and operational summary reports on income and expenses of funds, other accounting and statistical reports, providing them in accordance with the established procedure to the relevant authorities;
  • monitoring the expenditure of the wage fund;
  • calculation and payment of salaries to employees and scholarships to university students;
  • accounting of target expenditure items in accordance with the plan for the financial and economic activities of the university;
  • accounting of income and expenses from research and development activities of the University and target expenditure items in accordance with the plan for financial and economic activities of the university;
  • ensuring the order of the inventory;
  • organization of write-off of fixed assets and tangible assets;
  • preparation of reliable tax reports based on primary documents and provision of them within the established time frame;
  • compilation and reconciliation of tax registers.


Section Report on financial and economic activities

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