Human Resources Management Department


Zariyat Kuanshkalievna                                                                                        


Head of Department

of personnel management

Phone number: 8 701 761 87 31

The Department of Personnel Management focuses on the implementation of record keeping on personnel and production issues of all structural units of the University, according to the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in compliance with the rules of internal labor regulations and the Charter of the University.

Within its competence, the Department establishes interaction with all structural units of the University on the following issues: supervising current employees, their internal personnel movement, selection of professional staff to work at the University, performance of certification and rotation among employees.

Main tasks:

  • - Realization of Shymkent University policy in the field of personnel management in accordance with the Charter of the University;
  • - Providing the university with quality specialists with higher education and professionally suitable teaching staff;
  • - Formation and development of the system of evaluation of teaching staff and employees of Shymkent University;
  • - Realization of development of career growth of the university staff;
  • - Forecasting and planning the need for human resources, optimization of the number of teaching staff and employees of the university;
  • - Planning of current and prospective needs of the university in personnel, taking into account the existing staff potential, dynamics of job growth and the university development strategy;
  • - Analyzing the rational placement of employees, researching the efficiency of the staff structure;
  • - Planning and management of personnel career - formation of personnel reserve;
  • - Formation of the policy of internal competition for vacancies among university employees
  Нормативті құжаттар:

    Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Education"

    Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Science" 

    The Labour Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan

    Qualification requirements for licensing of educational activities and the list of documents confirming compliance with them 

    Model rules of activity of educational organizations of corresponding types

Internal Documents:


Tel: 8 (7252) 55-58-61